noun Date: 1953 a singer with a powerful voice

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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  • Belter — ist der Nachname der Person Herbert Belter (1929–1951), Widerstandskämpfer in der DDR und Opfer des Stalismus Nach Herbert Belter ist die Widerstandsgruppe Belter Gruppe benannt. Weiterhin wird Belter zur Bezeichnung eines Musikers verwendet, der …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Belter — * A singer who applies the singing style of belting * Alfred F. Belter: See Seventy third United States Congress * An insulting term closely related to idiot or moron. Often used in phrashes such as : Neck up, ya belter! * A resident of the… …   Wikipedia

  • belter — ˈbeltə(r) adjective Usage: often capitalized Etymology: after John H. Belter died 1863 German American cabinetmaker : belonging to or suggestive of a style of richly carved 19th century furniture a belter chair …   Useful english dictionary

  • Belter — Berufsname zu mnd. belter »Lederarbeiter« …   Wörterbuch der deutschen familiennamen

  • belter — I Scottish Vernacular Dictionary Something that is very good.....or someone who is not all there.. eg her tits are belters or look of the state of that belter hes pished himself. II Mawdesley Glossary a large specimen of its kind. III Glesga… …   English dialects glossary

  • belter — n something wonderful, excellent or excit ing. An expression of enthusiasm, heard predominantly in the north of England, which can be applied equally to a girl friend, a car, party, etc. This noun derives from the colloquial senses of the verb to …   Contemporary slang

  • Belter-Gruppe — Die Belter Gruppe war ein Teil des studentischen Widerstandes in der DDR an der Universität Leipzig. Kopf der Gruppe war Herbert Belter, der 1951 hingerichtet wurde. Weitere neun Mitglieder wurden 1950 verhaftet und zu mehrjährigen… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Belter, John Henry — orig. Johann Heinrich Belter born 1804, Germany died 1863, New York, N.Y., U.S. German born U.S. cabinetmaker and designer. Trained in Germany, he settled in New York City in 1833. He opened a fashionable shop specializing in rosewood, walnut,… …   Universalium

  • Belter (Niven) — In Larry Niven s fictional Known Space universe, a Belter refers to a resident of the Asteroid Belt around Sol, sometimes known as the Sol Belt to differentiate it from Alpha Centauri s Serpent Swarm.Rugged and highly individualistic, Belters… …   Wikipedia

  • Belter, John Henry — orig. Johann Heinrich Belter (1804, Alemania–1863, Nueva York, N.Y., EE.UU.). Ebanista y diseñador estadounidense nacido en Alemania. Se formó en Alemania y se estableció en la ciudad de Nueva York en 1833. Abrió una elegante tienda especializada …   Enciclopedia Universal

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