noun (plural -mies) Etymology: International Scientific Vocabulary 2col- + -stomy Date: 1888 surgical formation of an artificial anus by connecting the colon to an opening in the abdominal wall

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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  • colostomy — 1888, from COLON (Cf. colon) (2) + Mod.L. stoma opening, orifice, from Gk. stoma opening, mouth (see STOMA (Cf. stoma)) …   Etymology dictionary

  • colostomy — ► NOUN (pl. colostomies) ▪ a surgical operation in which the colon is shortened and the cut end diverted to an opening in the abdominal wall. ORIGIN from COLON(Cf. ↑colon) + Greek stoma mouth …   English terms dictionary

  • colostomy — [kə läs′tə mē] n. pl. colostomies [ COLO(N) + STOMY] the surgical operation of forming an artificial anal opening in the body from the colon …   English World dictionary

  • Colostomy — Not to be confused with corpus callosotomy. Colostomy Intervention Line drawing showing a permanent colostomy for rectal cancer. ICD 9 CM …   Wikipedia

  • Colostomy — An alternative exit from the colon created to divert waste through a hole in the colon and through the wall of the abdomen. A colostomy is commonly performed by severing the colon to attach the end leading to the stomach to the skin through the… …   Medical dictionary

  • colostomy — /keuh los teuh mee/, n., pl. colostomies. Surg. 1. the construction of an artificial opening from the colon through the abdominal wall, thus bypassing a diseased portion of the lower intestine and permitting the passage of intestinal contents. 2 …   Universalium

  • colostomy — n. a surgical operation in which a part of the colon is brought through the abdominal wall and opened in order to drain or decompress the intestine. The part of the colon chosen depends on the site of obstruction. An iliac colostomy opens onto… …   The new mediacal dictionary

  • colostomy — UK [kəˈlɒstəmɪ] / US [kəˈlɑstəmɪ] noun [countable/uncountable] Word forms colostomy : singular colostomy plural colostomies medical a medical operation in which part of the colon is removed and a hole is made in the stomach through which solid… …   English dictionary

  • colostomy — [[t]kəlɒ̱stəmi[/t]] colostomies N COUNT A colostomy is a surgical operation in which a permanent opening from the colon is made. [MEDICAL] …   English dictionary

  • colostomy — An opening into the colon from the outside of the body. A colostomy provides a new path for waste material to leave the body after part of the colon has been removed …   English dictionary of cancer terms

  • Colostomy reversal — Colostomy reversal, colostomy takedown Intervention ICD 9 CM 46.52 A colostomy reversal, also known as a colostomy takedown, is a reversal[1] of the colostomy …   Wikipedia

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