intransitive verb Etymology: French décamper, from Middle French descamper, from des- de- + camper to camp Date: 1676 1. to break up a camp 2. to depart suddenly ; absconddecampment noun

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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  • Decamp — De*camp , v. i. [imp. & p. p. {Decamped} (?; 215); p. pr. & vb. n. {Decamping}.] [F. d[ e]camper; pref. d[ e] (L. dis) + camp camp. See {Camp}.] 1. To break up a camp; to move away from a camping ground, usually by night or secretly. Macaulay.… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • decamp — index abandon (physically leave), abduct, abscond, depart, disappear, escape, evacuate, flee, leave ( …   Law dictionary

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  • decamp — 1670s, from Fr. décamper (17c.), earlier descamper, from des (see DIS (Cf. dis )) + camper (see CAMP (Cf. camp) (1)). Non military use is from 1751. Related: Decamped; decamping …   Etymology dictionary

  • decamp — *escape, flee, fly, abscond Analogous words: depart, quit, leave, *go: elude, evade, *escape, shun, avoid …   New Dictionary of Synonyms

  • decamp — [v] depart suddenly beat it, bolt, break camp, clear out, depart, disappear, escape, evacuate, flee, head for the hills*, hightail*, hit the road*, make a break for it, make oneself scarce*, make tracks*, run away, scram, skedaddle*, slip away,… …   New thesaurus

  • decamp — ► VERB ▪ depart suddenly or secretly …   English terms dictionary

  • decamp — [dē kamp′, dikamp′] vi. [Fr décamper, to break camp: see DE & CAMP] 1. to break or leave camp 2. to go away suddenly and secretly; run away decampment n …   English World dictionary

  • DeCamp — Joseph Rodefer DeCamp Joseph Rodefer DeCamp (auch De Camp; * 5. November 1858 in Cincinnati; † 11. Februar 1923 in Boca Grande, Florida) war ein US amerikaner Maler des Tonalismus und Impressionismus. DeCamp studierte gemeinsam mit Frank Duveneck …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • decamp — [[t]dɪkæ̱mp[/t]] decamps, decamping, decamped VERB If you decamp, you go away from somewhere secretly or suddenly. Bugsy decided to decamp to Hollywood from New York …   English dictionary

  • decamp — UK [dɪˈkæmp] / US verb [intransitive] Word forms decamp : present tense I/you/we/they decamp he/she/it decamps present participle decamping past tense decamped past participle decamped 1) to leave a place in order to live or work somewhere else… …   English dictionary

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