noun Date: 1902 alleleallelomorphic adjectiveallelomorphism noun

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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  • Allelomorph — Al*le lo*morph, n. [Gr. ? of one another + Gr. morfh form.] (Biol.) One of the pure unit characters commonly existing singly or in pairs in the germ cells of Mendelian hybrids, and exhibited in varying proportion among the organisms themselves;… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • allelomorph — allelomorph. См. аллеломорф. (Источник: «Англо русский толковый словарь генетических терминов». Арефьев В.А., Лисовенко Л.А., Москва: Изд во ВНИРО, 1995 г.) …   Молекулярная биология и генетика. Толковый словарь.

  • allelomorph — [ə lēl′ō môrf΄, ə lel′ōmôrf΄] n. [< ALLELE + O + MORPH] ALLELE allelomorphic adj …   English World dictionary

  • allelomorph — alelis statusas T sritis augalininkystė apibrėžtis Struktūrinė to paties geno atmaina, nulemianti skirtingą to paties požymio išraišką. atitikmenys: angl. allele; allelic gene; allelomorph rus. аллеломорф; аллель; аллельный ген ryšiai: sinonimas… …   Žemės ūkio augalų selekcijos ir sėklininkystės terminų žodynas

  • allelomorph — n. [Gr. allelon, one another; morphe, form] 1. Two contrasting, although closely parallel genetic characters. 2. A member of a Mendelian pair …   Dictionary of invertebrate zoology

  • allelomorph — One of several alternative forms of a gene: commonly shortened to allele …   Dictionary of molecular biology

  • allelomorph — allelomorphic, adj. allelomorphism, n. /euh lee leuh mawrf , euh lel euh /, n. allele. [1900 05; < Gk allelo (see ALLELE) + MORPH] * * * …   Universalium

  • allelomorph — noun one of a number of alternative forms of the same gene occupying a given position on a chromosome Syn: allele …   Wiktionary

  • allelomorph — SYN: allele. [G. allelon, reciprocally, + morphe, shape] * * * al·le·lo·morph ə lel ə .mȯrf, lē lə n ALLELE al·le·lo·mor·phic ə .lel ə mȯr fīk, .lē lə adj al·le·lo·mor·phism ə lel ə .mȯr .fīz əm, lē lə n * * * n …   Medical dictionary

  • allelomorph — n. allele, one of the genes responsible for hereditary variation (Genetics) …   English contemporary dictionary

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