adjective Etymology: Middle English, from Middle French & Latin; Middle French, from Latin fertilis, from ferre to carry, bear — more at bear Date: 15th century 1. a. producing or bearing fruit in great quantities ; productive b. characterized by great resourcefulness of thought or imagination ; inventive <
a fertile mind
c. obsolete plentiful 2. a. (1) capable of sustaining abundant plant growth <
fertile soil
(2) affording abundant possibilities for growth or development <
damp bathrooms are fertile ground for fungi —Consumer Reports
a fertile area for research
b. capable of growing or developing <
a fertile egg
c. (1) capable of producing fruit (2) of an anther containing pollen (3) developing spores or spore-bearing organs d. capable of breeding or reproducing 3. capable of being converted into fissionable material <
fertile uranium 238
fertilely adverbfertileness noun Synonyms: fertile, fecund, fruitful, prolific mean producing or capable of producing offspring or fruit. fertile implies the power to reproduce in kind or to assist in reproduction and growth <
fertile soil
; applied figuratively, it suggests readiness of invention and development <
a fertile imagination
. fecund emphasizes abundance or rapidity in bearing fruit or offspring <
a fecund herd
. fruitful adds to fertile and fecund the implication of desirable or useful results <
fruitful research
. prolific stresses rapidity of spreading or multiplying by or as if by natural reproduction <
a prolific writer

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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