noun Date: 1677 a combustible mine gas that consists chiefly of methane; also the explosive mixture of this gas with air

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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  • Firedamp — is a flammable gas found in coal mines. It is the name given to a number of flammable gases, especially methane. It is particularly commonly found in areas where the coal is bituminous. The gas accumulates in pockets in the coal and adjacent… …   Wikipedia

  • firedamp — n. a mixture of gases (mostly methane) that forms in coal mines and becomes explosive when mixed with air. It is a source of serious hazard in coal mining operations. [WordNet 1.5 +PJC] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • firedamp — [fīr′damp΄] n. a gas, largely methane, formed in coal mines, which is explosive when mixed with air …   English World dictionary

  • firedamp — /fuyeur damp /, n. Mining. 1. a combustible gas consisting chiefly of methane, formed esp. in coal mines, and dangerously explosive when mixed with certain proportions of atmospheric air. 2. the explosive mixture itself. [1670 80; FIRE + DAMP] *… …   Universalium

  • firedamp — noun An inflammable gas (mostly methane) found in coal mines; forms an explosive mixture with air. See Also: afterdamp …   Wiktionary

  • firedamp — Methane or other light hydrocarbons forming an explosive mixture when mixed with 7 or 8 volumes of air. * * * fire·damp .damp n a combustible mine gas that consists chiefly of methane also the explosive mixture of this gas with air compare BLACK… …   Medical dictionary

  • firedamp — Synonyms and related words: afterdamp, blackdamp, breath, chokedamp, cloud, coal gas, damp, effluvium, exhalation, exhaust, exhaust gas, fetid air, flatus, fluid, fume, malaria, mephitis, miasma, puff of smoke, reek, smoke, smudge, steam, vapor,… …   Moby Thesaurus

  • firedamp — n. explosive gas comprised primarily of methane (accumulates in mines) …   English contemporary dictionary

  • firedamp — noun gas, chiefly methane, that forms an explosive mixture with air in coal mines …   English new terms dictionary

  • firedamp — n. (in mining) an explosive mixture of gases, usually containing a high proportion of methane, occasionally encountered in pockets underground. It can be distinguished from blackdamp (chokedamp), which does not ignite …   The new mediacal dictionary

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