transitive verb (foretold; -telling) Date: 14th century to tell beforehand ; predictforeteller noun Synonyms: foretell, predict, forecast, prophesy, prognosticate mean to tell beforehand. foretell applies to the telling of the coming of a future event by any procedure or any source of information <
seers foretold the calamity
. predict commonly implies inference from facts or accepted laws of nature <
astronomers predicted an eclipse
. forecast adds the implication of anticipating eventualities and differs from predict in being usually concerned with probabilities rather than certainties <
forecast snow
. prophesy connotes inspired or mystic knowledge of the future especially as the fulfilling of divine threats or promises <
prophesying a new messiah
. prognosticate is used less often than the other words; it may suggest learned or skilled interpretation, but more often it is simply a colorful substitute for predict or prophesy <
prognosticating the future

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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