noun Etymology: Middle French pinace, probably from Old Spanish pinaza, from pino pine, from Latin pinus Date: 1538 1. a light sailing ship; especially one used as a tender 2. any of various ship's boats

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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  • Pinnace — Pin nace, n. [F. pinasse; cf. It. pinassa, pinazza, Sp. pinaza; all from L. pinus a pine tree, anything made of pine, e.g., a ship. Cf. {Pine} a tree.] 1. (Naut.) (a) A small vessel propelled by sails or oars, formerly employed as a tender, or… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • pinnace — (n.) small, light vessel, 1540s, earlier spinace (15c.), from O.Fr. espinace, also attested as Anglo L. spinachium (mid 14c.); of unknown origin …   Etymology dictionary

  • pinnace — ► NOUN chiefly historical ▪ a small boat forming part of the equipment of a larger vessel. ORIGIN French pinace, probably from Latin pinus pine tree …   English terms dictionary

  • pinnace — [pin′is] n. [Fr pinasse < Sp pinaza < VL * pinacea < L pinus,PINE1] 1. Archaic a small sailing ship, often one used as a tender to a larger ship 2. a ship s boat …   English World dictionary

  • Pinnace — A pinnace is one of two marine craft, the first a small vessel used as a tender to larger vessels amongst other things, and the second a ship rigged vessel popular in northern waters through the 17th 19th centuries.The smaller pinnace is a light… …   Wikipedia

  • pinnace — [[t]pɪ̱nɪs[/t]] pinnaces N COUNT A pinnace is a small boat carried on a large ship. Pinnaces are used to carry goods and people from the ship to the shore …   English dictionary

  • pinnace — n. Naut. a warship s or other ship s small boat, usu. motor driven, orig. schooner rigged or eight oared. Etymology: F pinnace, pinasse ult. f. L pinus PINE(1) …   Useful english dictionary

  • pinnace — /pin is/, n. 1. a light sailing ship, esp. one formerly used in attendance on a larger ship. 2. any of various kinds of ship s boats. 3. a small 17th century ship having two or three masts and a flat stern, used in northern Europe as a warship… …   Universalium

  • pinnace — noun A light boat, traditionally propelled by sails, but may also be a rowboat. Pinnaces are usually messenger boats, carrying messages among the larger ships of a fleet …   Wiktionary

  • pinnace — see PINE …   The Hutchinson dictionary of word origins

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