also shtetel noun (plural shtetlach; also shtetels) Etymology: Yiddish shtetl, from Middle High German stetel, diminutive of stat place, town, city, from Old High German, place — more at stead Date: 1949 a small Jewish town or village formerly found in Eastern Europe

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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  • SHTETL — (pl. shtetlakh; Russ. mestechko; Pol. miasteczko; Heb. צֲיָרָה), Yiddish diminutive for shtot meaning town or city, to imply a relatively small community; in Eastern Europe a unique socio cultural communal pattern. The real criteria for the size… …   Encyclopedia of Judaism

  • shtetl — (sht[e^]t l); pl. Eng. {shtetls} (sht[e^]t lz), Yiddish {shtetlach} (sht[e^]t l[aum]kh)., n. [Yiddish, from MHG stetel, dim. of stat, place, town.] A village or small town; usually referring to Jewish towns in Eastern Europe. [PJC] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • shtetl — small Jewish town or village in Eastern Europe, 1949, from Yiddish, lit. little town, from dim. of Ger. Stadt city, town, from O.H.G. stat place, from PIE root *sta to stand (see STET (Cf. stet)) …   Etymology dictionary

  • shtetl* — shtetl [[t]ˈʃtɛt l, ˈʃteɪ tl[/t]] n. pl. shtet•lach [[t]ˈʃtɛt lɑx, ləx, ˈʃteɪt [/t]] Eng. shtetls jud Yiddish (formerly) a Jewish village in E Europe …   From formal English to slang

  • shtetl — [shtet′ l] n. pl. shtetlach or Eng. shtetls [shtet′läkh΄] [shtet′ lz] [Yiddish, dim. of shtot, city < MHG stat, city] any of the former Jewish village communities of E Europe, esp. in Russia …   English World dictionary

  • Shtetl — A shtetl (Yiddish: שטעטל, diminutive form of Yiddish shtot שטאָט, town , pronounced very similarly to the South German diminutive Städtle , little town ; cf. Middle High German: stetelîn, stetlîn, stetel) was typically a small town with a large… …   Wikipedia

  • Shtetl — Le shtetl de Lakhva, en Pologne, en 1926 Un shtetl (ou schtetl, ou stetl, du yiddish שטעטל chtetl/schtetl, au pluriel שטעטלעך, chtetlekh/schtetlech, allemand dialectal : Städtel/Städtl/Städtle/Städtli, « petite ville », allemand… …   Wikipédia en Français

  • Shtetl — Schtetl von Pinsk, 1903 Ein Schtetl (jiddisch שטעטל‎, schtetl; Plural שטעטלעך‎, schtetlech; deutsch „Städtlein“) ist die Bezeichnung für Siedlungen mit hohem jüdischem Bevölkerungsanteil im Siedlungsbereich der Juden in Osteuropa vor dem …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Shtetl — Mapa de la Zona de Asentamiento. Un shtetl (en yiddish שטעטל, forma abreviada de la palabra en yiddish shtot, שטאָט, poblado , pronunciado de manera muy parecida al diminutivo Sud Alemán Städtle …   Wikipedia Español

  • shtetl —    , stetl    (SHTEH tl) [Yiddish, diminutive of German Stadt: city] Formerly, a Jewish village or small town in eastern Europe, often a regional market center; a semirural, semiurban community of peddlers, shopkeepers, and artisans.    When… …   Dictionary of foreign words and phrases

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