tracking shot

tracking shot
noun Date: circa 1940 a scene photographed from a moving dolly

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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  • tracking shot — n. Film a shot, as of a moving object or person, made by a camera moving forward, backward, or sideways …   English World dictionary

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  • tracking shot — (or truck)   a smooth shot in which the camera moves alongside ( tracking within ) the subject, usually mounted on a dolly, in a side to side motion (relative to the scene or the action); also known as following shot; sometimes used… …   Glossary of cinematic terms

  • tracking shot —    In video and cinematography, a film segment photographed with a camera moving steadily along a track or on a dolly, usually following a subject s movement. This term has been in use since about 1940. It s also called a trucking shot, or… …   Glossary of Art Terms

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  • tracking shot — /ˈtrækɪŋ ʃɒt/ (say traking shot) noun TV, Film a shot taken with the camera moving on a truck or trolley …  

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