adjective Etymology: Latin uncinatus, from uncinus hook, from uncus Date: circa 1760 bent at the tip like a hook ; hooked <
an uncinate achene

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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  • Uncinate — Un ci*nate, a. [L. uncinatus, from uncinus a hook, from uncus a hook.] Hooked; bent at the tip in the form of a hook; as, an uncinate process. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • uncinate — [un′si nit, un′sināt΄] adj. [L uncinatus < uncinus, a hook < uncus: see UNCIFORM] bent like a hook; hooked …   English World dictionary

  • uncinate — 1. Hooklike or hook shaped. 2. Relating to an uncus or, specifically, to the u. gyrus (2) or a process of the pancreas or of a vertebra. SYN: unciform. [L. uncinatus] * * * un·ci·nate ən(t) sə .nāt adj 1) bent at the tip like a hook …   Medical dictionary

  • Uncinate process — can refer to: * Uncinate process of ethmoid bone * Uncinate process of cervical vertebra or uncinate process of first thoracic vertebra: An Uncinate process is a part of a spinal vertebra. It is a hook shaped process on the lateral borders (side… …   Wikipedia

  • uncinate fasciculus — n a hook shaped bundle of long association fibers connecting the frontal lobe with the anterior portion of the temporal lobe …   Medical dictionary

  • uncinate fit — n a seizure of a form of temporal lobe epilepsy that originates in the region of the uncus and is characterized by hallucinations of taste and odor and disturbances of consciousness …   Medical dictionary

  • uncinate process — n a hooklike body part: as a) an irregular downwardly and backwardly directed process of each lateral mass of the ethmoid bone that articulates with the inferior nasal conchae b) a bony upward projection arising from each side of the upper… …   Medical dictionary

  • Uncinate processes of ribs — The uncinate processes of the ribs are extensions of bone that in birds project caudally from the vertical segment of each rib. (Uncinate means hooked from Latin uncinatus , from uncinus , barb, from uncus , hook.) These processes help to… …   Wikipedia

  • Uncinate process of pancreas — Infobox Anatomy Name = PAGENAME Latin = processus uncinatus pancreatis GraySubject = 251 GrayPage = 1200 Caption = 1: Head of pancreas 2: Uncinate process of pancreas 3: Pancreatic notch 4: Body of pancreas 5: Anterior surface of pancreas 6:… …   Wikipedia

  • Uncinate process of ethmoid bone — Infobox Bone Name = Uncinate process of ethmoid bone Latin = processus uncinatus ossis ethmoidalis GraySubject = 36 GrayPage = 155 Caption = Lateral wall of nasal cavity, showing ethmoid bone in position.(Unciate process of ethmoid labeled at… …   Wikipedia

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