I. noun Etymology: Middle English, from Anglo-French, from charger Date: 13th century 1. a. obsolete a material load or weight b. a figure borne on a heraldic field 2. a. the quantity that an apparatus is intended to receive and fitted to hold b. the quantity of explosive used in a single discharge c. a store or accumulation of impelling force <
the deeply emotional charge of the drama
d. a definite quantity of electricity; especially an excess or deficiency of electrons in a body e. thrill, kick <
got a charge out of the game
3. a. obligation, requirement b. management, supervision <
has charge of the home office
c. the ecclesiastical jurisdiction (as a parish) committed to a clergyman d. a person or thing committed to the care of another 4. a. instruction, command b. instruction in points of law given by a court to a jury 5. a. expense, cost <
gave the banquet at his own charge
b. the price demanded for something <
no admission charge
c. a debit to an account <
the purchase was a charge
d. the record of a loan (as of a book from a library) e. British an interest in property granted as security for a loan 6. a. a formal assertion of illegality <
a charge of murder
b. a statement of complaint or hostile criticism <
denied the charges of nepotism that were leveled against him
7. a. (1) a violent rush forward (as to attack) <
the charge of the brigade
(2) the signal for attack <
sound the charge
b. a usually illegal rush into an opponent in various sports (as basketball) II. verb (charged; charging) Etymology: Middle English, from Anglo-French charger, from Late Latin carricare, from Latin carrus wheeled vehicle — more at car Date: 14th century transitive verb 1. a. archaic to lay or put a load on or in ; load b. (1) to place a charge (as of powder) in (2) to load or fill to capacity c. (1) to restore the active materials in (a storage battery) by the passage of a direct current through in the opposite direction to that of discharge (2) to give an electric charge to <
charge a capacitor
d. (1) to assume as a heraldic bearing (2) to place a heraldic bearing on e. to fill or furnish fully <
the music is charged with excitement
f. electrify 2 <
the crowd was charged by her performance
2. a. to impose a task or responsibility on <
charge him with the job of finding a new meeting place
b. to command, instruct, or exhort with authority <
I charge you not to go
c. of a judge to give a charge to (a jury) 3. a. to make an assertion against especially by ascribing guilt or blame <
charges him with armed robbery
they were charged as being instigators
b. to place the guilt or blame for <
charge her failure to negligence
c. to assert as an accusation <
charges that he distorted the data
4. a. to bring (a weapon) into position for attack ; level <
charge a lance
b. to rush against ; attack; also to rush into (an opponent) usually illegally in various sports 5. a. (1) to impose a financial burden on <
charge his estate with debts incurred
(2) to impose or record as financial obligation <
charge debts to an estate
b. (1) to fix or ask as fee or payment <
charges $50 for an office visit
(2) to ask payment of (a person) <
charge a client for expenses
c. to record (an item) as an expense, debt, obligation, or liability <
charged a new sofa
intransitive verb 1. to rush forward in or as if in assault ; attack; also to charge an opponent in sports 2. to ask or set a price <
do you charge for this service?
3. to charge an item to an account <
charge now, pay later
Synonyms: see command

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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