I. adjective Etymology: Middle English, from Anglo-French duble, double, from Latin duplus (akin to Greek diploos), from duo two + -plus multiplied by; akin to Old English -feald -fold — more at two, -fold Date: 13th century 1. having a twofold relation or character ; dual 2. consisting of two usually combined members or parts <
an egg with a double yolk
3. a. being twice as great or as many <
double the number of expected applicants
b. of a coin worth two of the specified amount <
a double eagle
a double crown
4. marked by duplicity ; deceitful 5. folded in two 6. of extra size, strength, or value <
a double martini
7. having more than the normal number of floral leaves often at the expense of the sporophylls 8. of rhyme involving correspondence of two syllables (as in exciting and inviting) 9. designed for the use of two persons <
a double room
a double bed
doubleness noun II. verb (doubled; doubling) Date: 13th century transitive verb 1. to make twice as great or as many: as a. to increase by adding an equal amount b. to amount to twice the number of c. to make a call in bridge that increases the value of odd tricks or undertricks at (an opponent's bid) 2. a. to bend or fold (as a sheet of paper) usually in the middle so that one part lies directly against the other part b. clench <
doubled his fist
c. to cause to stoop 3. to avoid by doubling ; elude 4. a. to replace in a dramatic role b. to play (dramatic roles) by doubling 5. a. (1) to advance or score (a base runner) by a double (2) to bring about the scoring of (a run) by a double b. to put out (a base runner) in completing a double play intransitive verb 1. a. to become twice as much or as many b. to double a bid (as in bridge) 2. a. to turn sharply and suddenly; especially to turn back on one's course <
the rabbit doubled back on its tracks
b. to follow a circuitous course 3. to become bent or folded usually in the middle — usually used with up <
she doubled up in pain
4. a. to serve an additional purpose or perform an additional duty b. to play a dramatic role as a double 5. to make a double in baseball • doubler noun III. adverb Date: 14th century 1. to twice the extent or amount 2. two together <
some people sleep better double and some single — Morris Fishbein
3. downward and forward from the usual position <
he was bent double with pain
IV. noun Date: 14th century 1. something twice the usual size, strength, speed, quantity, or value: as a. a double amount b. a base hit that enables the batter to reach second base 2. one that is the counterpart of another ; duplicate: as a. a living person that closely resembles another living person b. wraith c. (1) understudy (2) one who resembles an actor and takes his or her place especially in scenes calling for special skills (3) an actor who plays more than one role in a production 3. a. a sharp turn (as in running) ; reversal b. an evasive shift 4. something consisting of two paired members: as a. fold b. a combined bet placed on two different contests c. two consecutive strikes in bowling 5. plural a game between two pairs of players 6. an act of doubling in a card game 7. a room (as in a hotel) for two guests — compare single 4

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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