I. intransitive verb Etymology: Middle English loowen, from Old English hlōwan; akin to Old High German hluoen to moo, Latin calare to call, summon, Greek kalein Date: before 12th century moo II. noun Date: 1549 the deep sustained sound characteristic especially of a cow III. adjective (lower; lowest) Etymology: Middle English lah, low, from Old Norse lāgr; akin to Middle High German læge low, flat; probably akin to Old English licgan to lie Date: 12th century 1. a. having a small upward extension or elevation <
a low wall
b. situated or passing little above a reference line, point, or plane <
low bridges
c. (1) having a low-cut neckline (2) not extending as high as the ankle <
low oxfords
2. a. situated or passing below the normal level, surface, or base of measurement, or the mean elevation <
low ground
b. marking a nadir or bottom <
the low point of his career
3. dead — used as a predicate adjective with lay <
laid the enemy low
4. a. not loud ; soft b. flat 8a c. characterized by being toward the bottom of the range of pitch attainable (as by an instrument) 5. a. being near the equator <
low northern latitudes
b. being near the horizon 6. socially or economically humble in character or status <
a person of low birth
7. a. lacking strength, health, or vitality ; weak, prostrate <
very low with pneumonia
b. lacking spirit or vivacity ; depressed <
a low frame of mind
8. a. of lesser degree, size, or amount than average or ordinary <
low energy
b. (1) small in number or amount (2) substandard, inadequate <
a low level of employment
a low income group
(3) cheap <
low prices
(4) short, depleted <
oil is in low supply
c. of lesser position, rank, or order 9. falling short of some standard: as a. lacking dignity or elevation <
a low style of writing
b. morally reprehensible ; base <
a low trick
c. coarse, vulgar <
low language
10. a. not advanced in complexity, development, or elaboration <
low organisms
b. often capitalized Low Church 11. unfavorable, disparaging <
had a low opinion of him
12. designed for slow and usually the slowest speed <
low gear
13. articulated with a wide opening between the relatively flat tongue and the palate ; open <
\ä\ is a low vowel
14. intended to attract little attention <
kept a low profile
15. being near the basket or net <
a player in the low post
Synonyms: see baselow adverblowness noun IV. noun Date: 12th century 1. something that is low: as a. depth <
a new low in advertising
b. a region of low barometric pressure 2. the transmission gear of an automotive vehicle giving the lowest ratio of driveshaft to crankshaft speed V. noun or lowe Etymology: Middle English, from Old Norse logi, log; akin to Old English lēoht light — more at light Date: 13th century chiefly Scottish flame, blaze VI. verb or lowe (lowed; lowing) Date: 14th century Scottish flame, blaze

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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