I. adjective Date: 1941 1. involving or offering only a small amount of money 2. small-time II. transitive verb (nickeled-and-dimed or nickel-and-dimed; nickeling-and-diming or nickel-and-diming) Date: 1961 1. to impair, weaken, or defeat piecemeal (as through a series of small incursions or excessive attention to minor details) 2. to treat (as a person or situation) by paying excessive attention to small amounts of money often with a detrimental effect

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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  • nickel-and-dime — ☆ nickel and dime [nik′əl ən dīm′ ] Informal adj. 1. costing or spending little; cheap 2. of little value or importance; minor; petty vt. nickel (or nickeled )and dimed or nickel and dimed or nickeled and dimed, nickel (or nickeling )and diming… …   English World dictionary

  • nickel-and-dime — ick el and dime , a. 1. Trivial; unimportant; petty; as, nickel and dime criticisms. [informal] [PJC] 2. Involving only small amounts of money; small time; as, a nickel and dime business operation. [informal] [PJC] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

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