I. noun Etymology: Middle English pulpe, from Latin pulpa flesh, pulp Date: 14th century 1. a. (1) the soft, succulent part of a fruit usually composed of mesocarp (2) stem pith when soft and spongy b. a soft mass of vegetable matter (as of apples) from which most of the water has been extracted by pressure c. the soft sensitive tissue that fills the central cavity of a tooth — see tooth illustration d. a material prepared by chemical or mechanical means from various materials (as wood or rags) for use in making paper and cellulose products 2. pulverized ore mixed with water 3. a. pulpy condition or character b. something in such a condition or having such a character 4. a magazine or book printed on cheap paper (as newsprint) and often dealing with sensational material; also sensational or tabloid writing — often used attributively <
pulp fiction
pulpiness nounpulpy adjective II. verb Date: 1683 transitive verb 1. to reduce to pulp <
pulped unsold copies of the book
2. to cause to appear pulpy 3. to deprive of the pulp intransitive verb to become pulp or pulpy • pulper noun

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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