verb (-ized; -izing) Date: 1842 transitive verb to change (as sugar) into caramel intransitive verb to change to caramel

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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  • caramelize — v. t. 1 to to convert [usu. sugar] into caramel, by the action of heat. Syn: caramelise. [WordNet 1.5] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • caramelize — 1842, from CARAMEL (Cf. caramel) + IZE (Cf. ize). Earlier was carameled (1727) …   Etymology dictionary

  • caramelize — (Amer.) v. make into caramel; turn into caramel (also caramelise) …   English contemporary dictionary

  • caramelize — [kär′mə līz΄, kar′ə məlīz΄] vt., vi. caramelized, caramelizing to turn into CARAMEL (sense 1) …   English World dictionary

  • caramelize — [[t]kæ̱rəməlaɪz[/t]] caramelizes, caramelizing, caramelized (in BRIT, also use caramelise) 1) VERB If sugar caramelizes, it turns to caramel as a result of being heated. Place pan over a high heat until the butter and sugar start to caramelize.… …   English dictionary

  • caramelize — verb a) (Cooking) To convert sugar into caramel. Slowly cooking the onions will caramelize them, which brings out the sweetness and gives them a brown color. b) (Cooking) To brown sugar by means of heat. See Also …   Wiktionary

  • caramelize — caramel ► NOUN 1) sugar or syrup heated until it turns brown, used as a flavouring or colouring for food or drink. 2) a soft toffee made with sugar and butter that have been melted and further heated. DERIVATIVES caramelize (also caramelise) verb …   English terms dictionary

  • caramelize — caramelization, n. /kar euh meuh luyz , kahr meuh /, v.t., v.i., caramelized, caramelizing. to convert or be converted into caramel. Also, esp. Brit., caramelise. [1720 30; CARAMEL + IZE] * * * …   Universalium

  • caramelize — car|a|mel|ize also caramelise BrE [ˈkærəməlaız] v 1.) if sugar caramelizes, it becomes brown and hard when it is heated 2.) [T] to cook something such as fruit or vegetables with sugar >caramelized[i] adj ▪ caramelized onions …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • caramelize — car·a·mel·ize …   English syllables

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