I. verb (slipped; slipping) Etymology: Middle English slippen, from Middle Dutch or Middle Low German; akin to Middle High German slipfen to slide, Old High German slīfan to smooth, and perhaps to Greek olibros slippery Date: 14th century intransitive verb 1. a. to move with a smooth sliding motion b. to move quietly and cautiously ; steal c. elapse, pass 2. a. (1) to escape from memory or consciousness (2) to become uttered through inadvertence b. to pass quickly or easily away ; become lost <
let an opportunity slip
3. to fall into error or fault ; lapse 4. a. to slide out of place or away from a support or one's grasp b. to slide on or down a slippery surface <
slip on the stairs
c. to flow smoothly 5. to get speedily into or out of clothing <
slipped into his coat
6. to fall off from a standard or accustomed level by degrees ; decline 7. sideslip transitive verb 1. to cause to move easily and smoothly ; slide 2. a. to get away from ; elude, evade <
slipped his pursuers
b. to free oneself from <
the dog slipped its collar
c. to escape from (one's memory or notice) <
their names slip my mind
3. shed, cast <
the snake slipped its skin
4. to put on (a garment) quickly — usually used with on <
slip on a coat
5. a. to let loose from a restraining leash or grasp b. to cause to slip open ; release, undo <
slip a lock
c. to let go of d. to disengage from (an anchor) instead of hauling 6. a. to insert, place, or pass quietly or secretly b. to give or pay on the sly 7. slink, abort 8. dislocate <
slipped his shoulder
9. to transfer (a stitch) from one needle to another without working a stitch 10. to avoid (a punch) by moving the body or head quickly to one side II. noun Date: 15th century 1. a. a sloping ramp extending out into the water to serve as a place for landing or repairing ships b. a ship's or boat's berth between two piers 2. the act or an instance of departing secretly or hurriedly <
gave his pursuer the slip
3. a. a mistake in judgment, policy, or procedure b. an unintentional and trivial mistake or fault ; lapse <
a slip of the tongue
4. a leash so made that it can be quickly slipped 5. a. the act or an instance of slipping down or out of a place <
a slip on the ice
; also a sudden mishap b. a movement dislocating parts (as of a rock or soil mass); also the result of such movement c. a fall from some level or standard ; decline <
a slip in stock prices
6. a. an undergarment made in dress length and usually having shoulder straps; also half-slip b. a case into which something is slipped; specifically pillowcase 7. a disposition or tendency to slip easily 8. the action of sideslipping ; an instance of sideslipping Synonyms: see error III. noun Etymology: Middle English slippe, probably from Middle Dutch or Middle Low German, split, slit, flap Date: 15th century 1. a. a small shoot or twig cut for planting or grafting ; scion b. descendant, offspring 2. a. a long narrow strip of material b. a small piece of paper 3. a young and slender person <
a slip of a girl
4. a long seat or narrow pew IV. transitive verb (slipped; slipping) Date: 1530 to take cuttings from (a plant) ; divide into slips <
slip a geranium
V. noun Etymology: Middle English slyp slime, from Old English slypa slime, paste; akin to Old English slūpan to slip — more at sleeve Date: 1640 a mixture of finely divided clay and water used especially by potters (as for casting or decorating wares or in cementing separately formed parts)

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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