I. noun Etymology: Middle English syring, from Anglo-French siringe, from Medieval Latin syringa, from Late Latin, injection, from Greek syring-, syrinx panpipe, tube Date: 14th century a device used to inject fluids into or withdraw them from something (as the body or its cavities): as a. a device that consists of a nozzle of varying length and a compressible rubber bulb and is used for injection or irrigation b. an instrument (as for the injection of medicine or the withdrawal of bodily fluids) that consists of a hollow barrel fitted with a plunger and a hollow needle c. a gravity device consisting of a reservoir fitted with a long rubber tube ending with an exchangeable nozzle that is used for irrigation of the vagina or bowel II. transitive verb (syringed; syringing) Date: 1610 to irrigate or spray with or as if with a syringe

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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