I. noun Etymology: Middle English trikke, from Anglo-French *trik, from trikier to deceive, cheat, from Vulgar Latin *triccare, alteration of Latin tricari to behave evasively, shuffle, from tricae complications, trifles Date: 15th century 1. a. a crafty procedure or practice meant to deceive or defraud b. a mischievous act ; prank c. an indiscreet or childish action d. a deceptive, dexterous, or ingenious feat; especially one designed to puzzle or amuse <
a juggler's tricks
2. a. a habitual peculiarity of behavior or manner <
a horse with the trick of shying
b. a characteristic and identifying feature <
a trick of speech
c. a delusive appearance especially when caused by art or legerdemain ; an optical illusion <
a mere trick of the light
3. a. (1) a quick or artful way of getting a result ; knack <
the trick is to make it look natural
(2) an instance of getting a desired result <
one small adjustment will do the trick
b. a technical device (as of an art or craft) <
the tricks of stage technique
4. the cards played in one round of a card game often used as a scoring unit 5. a. a turn of duty at the helm usually lasting for two hours b. shift 4b(1) c. a trip taken as part of one's employment d. a sexual act performed by a prostitute <
turning tricks
; also john 2 6. an attractive child or woman <
a cute little trick
Synonyms: trick, ruse, stratagem, maneuver, artifice, wile, feint mean an indirect means to gain an end. trick may imply deception, roguishness, illusion, and either an evil or harmless end <
the tricks of the trade
. ruse stresses an attempt to mislead by a false impression <
the ruses of smugglers
. stratagem implies a ruse used to entrap, outwit, circumvent, or surprise an opponent or enemy <
the stratagem-filled game
. maneuver suggests adroit and skillful avoidance of difficulty <
last-minute maneuvers to avert bankruptcy
. artifice implies ingenious contrivance or invention <
the clever artifices of the stage
. wile suggests an attempt to entrap or deceive with false allurements <
used all of his wiles to ingratiate himself
. feint implies a diversion or distraction of attention away from one's real intent <
a feint toward the enemy's left flank
. II. transitive verb Date: circa 1500 1. to dress or adorn fancifully or ornately ; ornament <
tricked out in a gaudy uniform
2. to deceive by cunning or artifice ; cheat III. adjective Date: circa 1530 1. trig 2. a. of or relating to or involving tricks or trickery <
trick photography
trick dice
b. skilled in or used for tricks <
a trick horse
3. a. somewhat defective and unreliable <
a trick lock
b. inclined to give way unexpectedly <
a trick knee

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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