noun see anthropophagous

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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  • Anthropophagy — (Greek: ἄνθρωπος, anthropos, human being + φαγειν, phagein, to eat ) is the eating of human flesh. It may refer to: Cannibalism, the eating of human flesh by another human Self cannibalism, the eating of one s own flesh Man eating, the eating of… …   Wikipedia

  • Anthropophagy — An thro*poph a*gy, n. [Gr. ?.] The eating of human flesh; cannibalism. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • anthropophagy — (n.) cannibalism, 1630s, from Fr. anthropophagie, from Gk. anthropophagia an eating of men, from anthropophagos man eating; a man eater, from ANTHROPO (Cf. anthropo ) + stem of phagein to eat (see PHAGOUS (Cf. phagous)). Related: Anthropophagic; …   Etymology dictionary

  • anthropophagy — [an΄thrō päf′ə jē, an΄thrəpäf′ə jē] n. [see ANTHROPOPHAGI] cannibalism anthropophagous [an΄thrəpäf′ə gəs] adj. anthropophagic [an΄thrə pō΄faj′ik, an΄thrəpəfaj′ik] …   English World dictionary

  • anthropophagy — anthropophagic /an threuh peuh faj ik, fay jik/, anthropophagical, anthropophagous /an threuh pof euh geuhs/, adj. anthropophagously, adv. /an threuh pof euh jee/, n. the eating of human flesh; cannibalism. [1630 40; < Gk anthropophagía. See… …   Universalium

  • anthropophagy — noun The eating of human flesh; cannibalism. See Also: anthropophagic, anthropophagism, anthropophagist, anthropophagous …   Wiktionary

  • anthropophagy — an·thro·poph·a·gy ə jē n, pl gies CANNIBALISM (1) …   Medical dictionary

  • anthropophagy — n. cannibalism, eating of human flesh …   English contemporary dictionary

  • anthropophagy — [ˌanθrə pɒfədʒi] noun the eating of human flesh by other humans; cannibalism. Derivatives anthropophagous gəs adjective Origin C17: from Gk anthrōpophagia, from anthrōpophagos (see anthropophagi) …   English new terms dictionary

  • anthropophagy — an·thro·poph·a·gy …   English syllables

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