noun Etymology: New Latin, from Greek astheneia, from asthenēs weak, from a- + sthenos strength Date: 1802 lack or loss of strength ; debility

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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  • Asthenia — (Greek: ασθένεια , lit. lack of strength but also disease ) is a medical term denoting symptoms of physical weakness and loss of strength. A condition in which the body lacks or has lost strength either as a whole or in any of its parts. General… …   Wikipedia

  • Asthenia — As the*ni a, Astheny As the*ny, n. [NL. asthenia, Gr. asqe nia; a priv. + sqe nos strength.] (Med.) Want or loss of strength; debility; diminution of the vital forces. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • asthenia — (n.) weakness, 1802, Modern Latin, from Gk. asthenia, from asthenes weak, without strength, feeble, from a , privative prefix, + sthenos strength, of uncertain origin …   Etymology dictionary

  • asthenia — [as thē′nē ə] n. [ModL < Gr astheneia, weakness < a , without + sthenos, strength] a lack or loss of bodily strength; bodily weakness …   English World dictionary

  • asthenia — /as thee nee euh/, n. lack or loss of strength; weakness. [1795 1805; < NL < Gk asthéneia weakness, equiv. to asthene , s. of asthenés (a A 6 + sthene , var. s. of sthénos strength) + ia IA] * * * ▪ pathology       a condition in which the body… …   Universalium

  • asthenia — n. [Gr. asthenes, feeble] Muscle weakness; debility …   Dictionary of invertebrate zoology

  • asthenia — noun weakness; loss of strength …   Wiktionary

  • asthenia — Weakness or debility. SYN: adynamia (1). [G. astheneia, weakness, fr. a priv. + sthenos, strength] neurocirculatory a. an obsolete term for a type of anxiety neurosis formerly encountered often among military personnel during times of war, in… …   Medical dictionary

  • asthenia — n. weakness …   English contemporary dictionary

  • asthenia — [əs θi:nɪə] noun Medicine abnormal physical weakness or lack of energy. Derivatives asthenic adjective Origin C18: mod. L., from Gk astheneia, from asthenēs weak …   English new terms dictionary

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