titanium dioxide

titanium dioxide
noun Date: 1877 an oxide TiO2 of titanium that occurs in rutile, anatase, and ilmenite and is used especially as a pigment

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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  • Titanium dioxide (B) — or TiO2(B) is the monoclinic form of titanium dioxide. The mineral is found in weathering rims on tektites and perovskite and as lamellae in anatase from hydrothermal veins [1] and has a density lower than that of the other three polymorphs. In… …   Wikipedia

  • titanium dioxide — n an oxide TiO2 of titanium that is used esp. as a pigment and in sunblocks * * * TiO2, an oxide of titanium used as a white pigment, primarily in paints; workers inhaling excessive amounts of its dust may suffer from titanium dioxide… …   Medical dictionary

  • titanium dioxide — n. a white crystalline compound, TiO2, used as a paint pigment and ceramic glaze, and in making white rubber, plastics, etc.: also titanium white or titanic oxide …   English World dictionary

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  • titanium dioxide — titano(IV) oksidas statusas T sritis chemija formulė TiO₂ atitikmenys: angl. titanium dioxide; titanium oxide; titanium white rus. титана двуокись; титана диоксид; титановые белила ryšiai: sinonimas – titano dioksidas sinonimas – titano baltasis …   Chemijos terminų aiškinamasis žodynas

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  • titanium dioxide — Chem. a white, water insoluble powder, TiO2, used chiefly in white pigments, plastics, ceramics, and for delustering synthetic fibers. Also called titanium oxide, titanic oxide /tuy tan ik, ti /. [1920 25] * * * …   Universalium

  • titanium dioxide — (also titanium oxide) noun a white unreactive solid which occurs naturally as the mineral rutile and is used extensively as a white pigment. [TiO2.] …   English new terms dictionary

  • titanium dioxide — /taɪˌteɪniəm daɪˈɒksaɪd/ (say tuy.tayneeuhm duy oksuyd) noun a white insoluble powder, TiO2, used as a white pigment and in ceramics. Also, titanium oxide, titanic oxide, titanic acid, titania …  

  • titanium dioxide — noun a white powder used as a pigment for its high covering power and durability • Syn: ↑titanium oxide, ↑titanic oxide, ↑titania • Hypernyms: ↑pigment, ↑oxide …   Useful english dictionary

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