verb Etymology: Middle English, from Anglo-French or Latin; Anglo-French desfurmer, from Latin deformare, from de- + formare to form, from forma form Date: 15th century transitive verb 1. to spoil the form of 2. a. to spoil the looks of ; disfigure <
a face deformed by bitterness
b. to mar the character of <
a marriage deformed by jealousy
3. to alter the shape of by stress intransitive verb to become misshapen or changed in shapedeformable adjective Synonyms: deform, distort, contort, warp means to mar or spoil by or as if by twisting. deform may imply a change of shape through stress, injury, or some accident of growth <
his face was deformed by hatred
. distort and contort both imply a wrenching from the natural, normal, or justly proportioned, but contort suggests a more involved twisting and a more grotesque and painful result <
the odd camera angle distorts the figure in the photograph
disease had painfully contorted her body
. warp indicates physically an uneven shrinking that bends or twists out of a flat plane <
warped floorboards

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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